10 Reasons Why Food Trucks are Better Than Sit Down Restaurants

  1. The size of the crowd in front of it can usually tell you how good it is

Once people experience how good a truck is they will certainly let you know by being loyal customers. You might be turned off by a long line down the block, but this means this place means business and people around town know it too. Now there are some exceptions for newer trucks that don’t have a reputation built up yet, and those are certainly worth a try, but if you are new to the food truck world this is certainly a good indicator.

  1. The truck can feel like a community

You start to rely on this truck, like a member of your own community. You start to expect them to show up on certain days, and you even expect a certain quality. Depending on how much you frequent the truck, you might even get to know the people that own or work on the truck and they might know what your order is going to be. There is just a different connection and way of feeling connected that a food truck can provide, that most people don’t usually feel at your every- day sit down spot.

  1. A meal is typically cheaper

When I think about some of my favorite restaurants, I know that when I go there I typically spend about $15 to $20 total on an average visit, before tip. That’s not a ton of money, I do not really want to spend that much if I can get the same or better quality and spent less. The most I have spent on a food truck meal is $12, but I usually spend between $8 and $10 for a meal. Sometimes I have even spent $5 or $6 depending on how much food I want. This is an amount I don’t mind spending during a lunch break or even for a dinner. I don’t feel like I’m compromising taste or quality, but a lot of times, getting even more bang for my buck.

  1. The food is always hot and fresh

When you are steps away from the kitchen, it is impossible for the food you’re getting not to be hot and fresh. Have you ever waited for what seemed like forever for your food at a restaurant, only to find out when it arrives that it’s just lukewarm? Now you know it probably just sat in the kitchen while your server was doing other things or while it was waiting on other food. But how unsatisfying is that? There is no reason why this would be the case with a food truck. The food is prepared right there- aside from maybe meat that had to be smoked all day or some other longer preparation. The food is sure to be delivered in your hands hot, fresh, and ready to be eaten.

  1. You can catch them at different locations

Sometimes you really have a craving for a certain type of food, but it’s way on the other side of town or you just do not feel like driving. Food trucks come to you and you really don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get there. Maybe you can even recommend a truck to a friend when it’s on their side of town so they can try this food you’ve been raving about for weeks. Now they have no excuse not to give a try.

  1. Convenient

Nowadays, some people encounter food trucks daily because they work in areas where the trucks sit outside during the breakfast, lunch, or dinner rush. Some people live in apartment complexes or other areas where trucks stand ready to take on a crowd any given day. The truly lucky ones work somewhere where every single day of the week one or two different trucks waits outside to serve them. So how about all that for convenience. Forget waiting for delivery or waiting inside some local spot. You can just walk outside to the truck and grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner that is already on the go.

  1. Faster Service

You take away the waiter or waitress and the huge kitchen and your left with usually a staff of 2 or 3 that are taking orders, making, and prepping the food. This seems to speed up the entire process and the only reason there is any kind of wait is because the food is just so good, that there is a line a line that is a mile long.

  1. There’s so much less to have to worry about- than a sit down

Your waitress is nowhere to be found. You haven’t been able to order yet, and the staff told you it will be awhile because a big party sat down right before you. Sound familiar? Well these are just some of the issues you are likely to encounter at a sit- down restaurant and can avoid by going to a food truck instead. It’s simple you go up to the window, place the order and wait. No extra variables and now additional disappointments.


  1. They might have food that exists nowhere else in your city

I can confidently say that there are at least 3 food trucks in Jax that restaurants just do not come close to in taste. I’m sure the list would be longer if I try more food trucks. They are truly unique, and I find myself thinking about them when I have not seen them in a while and still describe how good they are to my friends. I think I do this more than I talk about any restaurant I have been to in Jax. I find myself counting down the days when I will see them again and I almost start thinking about life before I discovered them and life after- it might sound like an exaggeration, but if you love food, food trucks can make you feel this way.


  1. You can get introduced to new food and new culture at the same time

Food trucks allow people from all over the world to give us a taste of their culture or their own personal vision of flavor. Because the costs to start are low and the ability to have access to people in many different locations, we are able to experience endless food options that some of us may not get to taste otherwise. For those who are not fortunate enough to travel around the country, or even the world, food trucks allow you to feel like just that without leaving town.

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