Big Island Bowls | Jacksonville Food Truck Reviews In 2021

If you read the history of how Big Island Bowls food truck was developed and how the idea came to them, you’ll fall in love with the idea even before you try the food. While we encourage you to become enamored with the idea, you certainly must try the food as it is a simply fantastic healthy fare that will have you rethinking your daily diet.

Healthy food doesn’t have to sacrifice taste and the folks at Big Island Bowls know this for absolute certainty as they continue to dish out heaping bowls of the tastiest food you may ever get from a food truck window, healthy or otherwise.

About Big Island Bowls

It’s quite a bold statement to say that traditional healthy food could compete with the likes of “unhealthy” treats like fried dough from the fair, but the cold truth is, Big Island Bowls delivers taste and healthy eating in a single serving. Based on the acai berry, the menu isn’t limited by this superfood and also offers hearty eats such as poke bowls and fruity-based smoothies.

Add to this a diverse selection of vegan dishes and Big Island Bowls brings the hearty appetites of Hawaii and the healthy eating of the islands home to the northeast Florida landscape.

Recommended Menu Options

The Lifeguard is an acai bowl blended with freshly baked organic granola, ripe tart blueberries, smooth bananas, the creaminess of peanut butter, some hemp seeds, and the sweetness of natural honey, all tossed about in almond milk. The taste is beyond compare and words fall short.

The sweetness of the mixture send you reeling while the savory grounds you and keeps your taste buds anchored. The A-Frame Burrito was another treat that sent our mouths into flavor overdrive. Traditional poke tuna marinated in a sweet and spicy hot sauce rolled into jasmine rice with garden-fresh vegetables and mango to sweeten the deal and keep the heat in check.

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Our Thoughts On Big Island Bowls

Another afternoon strolling the historic streets of Saint Augustine and we wanted to try something new. Why go to the same old places we’ve been a hundred times before? That’s how we ended up at Big Island Bowls. We’re not usually very health-conscious, but that also doesn’t stop us from trying new flavors.

Once we tried the poke bowls and the acai bowls, we knew we were hooked. Big Island Bowls will become one of our favorite places we’ve “been to a hundred times before”… How ironic that it becomes the very thing we were looking to escape, but the truth is, the food will have you returning over and over again as Big Island Bowls delivers big flavor in a reasonable bill, and the unique profiles of each dish will have us trying some new tastes every time we come back.

It took some convincing to get one of us to try “sushi-grade tuna” but now we’re craving it and can’t wait to get back to Big Island Bowls to try one of the many poke bowls on the menu. The burritos were a great touch for those not looking for a bowl, and it’s so much easier to eat while walking in such a great iconic city.

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